ABAT Reminder and CE Scan Clean Up

With ABAT’s nose dive comes my reminder of refining the Clean Energy Index that I run my scans on.   With that, I will be removing stocks below $5 from my reviews.  This removes the following companies:

Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc
Advanced Battery Technologies,
Active Power, Inc.
Baldor Electric Co
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
Broadwind Energy
Capstone Turbine Corporation
Emcore Corporation
Energy Conversion Dev
Fuelcell Energy, Inc.
Satcon Technology
Solarfun Power Holdings Co.
Valence Technology, Inc.

If you’re unaware of what ABAT is experiencing, take a look at this article:

The Rosen Law Firm Announces Investigation of Securities Claims Against Advanced Battery Technologies — ABAT

With some of the more established stocks, I don’t really let statement scandals worry me.  It never surprises me.  At least with the heavier stocks, there’s room for recovery.


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