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April 9, 2011

SOLR’s Wedge

SOLR’s wedge recently experienced normal selling pressure considering the trend.  Although the stock ended up with a bullish hammer, you will still need a confirmation before trading this candlestick as a reversal.  The RSI is below 50, which normally indicates a downtrend while the MACD has moved below the 9.  The solars have been taking it’s share of “shading” across the board, so we’ll need to see this group recover before expecting the uptrend.

On the other side of the mono-poly playing field is the GT Solar, known for it’s polysilicon processes.  As previously discussed with MEMC, there are advantages to using either mono or polysilicone cells, but I believe that only one will end up outperforming the other.  It’s just up to technology.   As with most American companies, part of the success will rely on the SOLR’s production ability in China.
I prefer SOLR over WFR because of the volume the company trades at.  Moving averages have WFR in a better position, but I prefer to exclude spikes, which puts SOLR at better volume.

April 8, 2011

WFR’s Gaps

We’ve already identified the two gaps that we’ll need to be concerned with for WFR in previous posts.   The second tiny gap has already been filled and I will note that the first gap from February needs to be tended to.  Caution on the need to fill this gap.  Until then, pray for support.  Target 11.90.

April 3, 2011

STP’s Reverse

As mentioned previously, STP’s H&S was showing plenty of signs for a dive and I called for a reversal.  Friday’s market confirmed it.  While many of the industry’s stock fell, STP took one of the bigger hits.  Difficult to read the next move, so we’ll need to see how the industry recovers and then take it from there.

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April 1, 2011

Let There Be Light…with Veeco

I’ll be adding Veeco Instruments to my watchlist.  VECO is in a very strong wedge and is about to test the last PSAR.  A break past that will bring a nice, continued updward trend!












Veeco Instruments specializes in Solar and LEDs. Veeco’s solar approach is more centered around manufacturing efficiency for concentrated and thin-film applications.  With LEDs, Veeco’s claim to fame is their MOCVD (metal organic chemical vapor deposition) systems.  A focus on manufacturing efficiency aids in the reduction of cost.

Better cost, more usage.

April 1, 2011

STP’s Doji at the Top

I’m calling a pause on STP’s head and shoulders.  Today’s test of what I felt is the point of resistance was weak, ending up with a doji at the top of a trend.  Therefore I’ll call it.  Reverse.  (But can I say I hope for a break in the neck line? 🙂


April 1, 2011

WFR’s Doji

WFR tested past the resistance noted previously. The stock ended up with an engulfed doji, which normally is an indication of reversal in an uptrend, but do we even consider the past few marks an uptrend. I’m considering this doji just a break before the move.  I like to trade the MA crosses and in this case, the 10 is above the 13 which, in WFR’s case, is usually a call to move up.
I suspect we’ll see an move up because of the two, but as the first WFR analysis called for, I will be waiting for the PSAR confirmation before I enter. If you notice, the PSAR was never cleared for the next uptrend.